Frequently asked questions

Who created CoroNotes?
What is the aim of the research?
Who will be using my data?
How does CoroNotes differ from the Corona-Datenspende?
How does CoroNotes differ from the planned Tracing App?
How will my data be protected?
Will someone make money off my data?
How can I delete my data?
I've spotted a bug, or would like to suggest a feature — where should I send it?
How long will my data be used for?
What data does the app collect?
I have lost my id. What can I do?
Can I enter data for someone else?
Does CoroNotes contain trackers like Facebook or Google?
Is it a privacy issue if the database is located on an AWS (Amazon) server?
Which permissions does CoroNotes need?
Is data stored or transferred in plain text?
Is the app vulnerable to SQL injections?
Does CoroNotes access my camera and if so, why?
How do I access the app?